Make social

media a

habit challenge!

Make social media a habit!

Join my 21 day accountability challenge and get back into a good habit with your social media.

it's easy to stop posting on your business' socials when life gets busy!

It’s easily done. You are juggling your business and your personal life and when things get busy, your social media channels can be the first thing to be neglected. It doesn’t really matter as hardly anybody sees your content, right?

Wrong. It does matter.

No matter the size of your following, you need to remind your existing and potential customers that you exist and why they should come to you over your competitor. You might feel like that post didn’t get much engagement but that doesn’t mean your next customer isn’t watching. If I had a penny for every client that has said to me ‘I love your page’ and they have never engaged with a single post. 

Life got busy for me and I stopped posting. Then it had been so long, the problem became too big.  So I am holding myself to account. It takes 21 days to form a habit so if you’ve been neglecting your socials like me, come and join me.

There are no prizes and no sell at the end of it. Just some good old fashioned prompting from an ex project manager. Just sign up below for more details.