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Do I really need to use Facebook Ads?

Ever wondered what all the fuss was about with Facebook™ Ads? By not using them, you might just be missing a trick!

Check out my video below to find out why!

Transcript of video

Do I really need to use Facebook™ Ads to grow my business online?

The short answer is yes, if you want to grow quickly or if you really are serious about growing your business online and selling your products and services to your customers in such a way.

Unfortunately for us all, but especially small business owners, organic reach is just in the toilet. The only way to guarantee being able to get in front of your customers is to pay for it, I’m afraid.

Unless you have an ‘of the moment’ product or something, that just everyone wants to tell all their friends about, you’re going to struggle online unless you allocate a marketing budget to social. Some people do get lucky with the right piece of viral content, but it is exactly that. Luck.

Organic reach is in the toilet on Facebook™. Only about 5% of your hard earned following will actually see your post, which is pretty depressing, isn’t it? Now imagine what chances does somebody who doesn’t follow you have of finding your content.

Instagram™ is a little bit more positive. About 10% of your following will see your content and people do actively search hashtags. So Instagram™ is currently a little bit easier than Facebook™, but it’s getting harder.

It’s sort of fair enough, though, isn’t it? With the amount of businesses which are on Facebook™, if you imagine that you were to see every bit of advertising on that, the user would be cluttered, and that’s no fun. You don’t go scrolling through Amazon for fun do you? Or maybe you do? No judgement!

It’s a competitive space,and Zucks is happy to make us pay for that. As I say, it’s understandable really, because you don’t want people leaving in droves because they’re just being advertised to all the time.

Do you still need convinced? Okay!

If you aren’t doing it, your competition definitely are. You snooze, you lose.

It takes the guesswork out of it. So you’re not just sat there keeping your fingers crossed, hoping that someone will see a post. You know, for definite that they will. And it is the best and most effective way to get your product or service in front of customers who, more importantly, are the ones most likely to be interested in it.

Why would you not want to hang out where your customers are hanging out? People aren’t there to buy, but show them something that they like, and do it well, and they absolutely will.

Facebook™ users, on average, click on about 12 different ads per month. Why wouldn’t it be one of yours?

You can actually measure ROI unlike more traditional forms of advertising. Think about those flyers that get put through your door. How many of those do you think actually convert to being customers? How many just end up in recycling? In my house, it’s usually just recycling. 

It’s complete chance. Where as with Facebook™ advertising it’s there in black and white, you can very clearly see. Did somebody see your ad and did they take the action that you intended them to? It takes all the guesswork out of it. Why wouldn’t you want to do that? 

Now let’s stick with the Flyer for a moment. Imagine you knew which houses had people in them who were most likely to buy from you. You would want to do it? Wouldn’t you?

Imagine all that paper you would save and all the money you would save, not putting it through the door of people who were never going to buy from you and people like me who are more likely to put it in recycling.

It’s a much more efficient way to use your advertising spend and Facebook™ Advertising allows you to do this with it’s hyper focused targeting. You can see exactly who is taking a little nibble of interest and retarget them ad funnels. This allows you to take them from stranger to red hot lead in no time at all.

If it’s not working, you simply just turn it off and try something new or give up all together. You have so much control over how your money is spent and you can instantaneously move things around. And if it is working, you can keep refining.

You can see the data. You can see what people are clicking, you can see what’s resonating with people. You can keep improving and optimizing and making sure you are absolutely getting the most out of your budget.

Facebook™ Ads are pretty good, actually. Despite the bad reputation that Facebook™ gets.

Now, the big question is, how much should you spend on advertising? So watch out for my next video and we will run through that.